In India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has permitted the service of documents upon the Shareholders through e-mail instead of physical mode. To that effect, MCA has come out with a Circular No.17/2011 dated 21.04.2011 informing that the documents which are required to be served to members can be done by way of email (u/s 53 of the Companies Act 1956). Subsequently, MCA has issued clarification with Circular No.18/2011 dated 21.04.2011. For details, click here.
Unitech Systems, a part of Unikaihatsu Group of Companies, provides paperless, "Green Initiative" solution for Corporate Listed Companies and Financial Institutions to:
• notify about the new circular information
• collect the investor's consent for electronic delivery of Annual Reports and other such compliance documents.
Our turnkey solution enables to:
• save the precious environment by cutting down on massive usage of paper and related print media.
• quickly implement the electronic communication.
• lower the compliance specific communication costs.
• offer greater convenience to Corporate Listed Companies and Financial Institutions to integrate the solution into their online systems.
• offer flexibility to investors who increasingly prefer to receive their investment documents by email.
The solution supports entire work flow to notify, collect, store, and update investors' document delivery preferences, as well as deliver the relevant documents in electronic form.